Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Surfers United Response Unit?" ROTFLOAO

No one will write to you, we believe.

Another thing, luv: How many sites have you lost?

The deletions will go on and on, we believe.

You will have to learn it the hard way, we believe.

  1. This 'boy' prob couldn't wait to join up on the 'Third Rail Forum'. Get himself an invite to the 'porn zone'. Only way we can get his rocks off. I'd say the dude doesn't get many chances....lol. Has to take care of it himself. Thanks for the invitation to the laughter zone.

  2. Ya. So true. Listen though. Been thinking. The blog disappeared after the posting about Just Another Howler and the THR. Then we took it and posted it on FB. Then the profile that took part disappeared. Yours bro. Then Ringo's. He was involved too in postings on FB.

    This is about THR or MFF or both. Along with CN/CIJR. Maybe all of them. They don't want the posts up. Yup, "maybe all of them", or none of them, we believe. lol.

  3. All fixed bros-no prob! See this?

    "The internet is no pillory. There are still certain no-no's on the internet, unwritten rules one should obey, disregarding all political controversy.

    Unsolicited postings of private data, if they can be obtained via the internet or not, is such a no-no, IMO an absolute no-no.

    That's why we're here, exposing the self-proclaimed cyber sheriff from the former Howler's Den, now cowardly hiding in her new den."

    But the moron doesn't see that posting H is wrong.... Who said that it was us who posted H, darling?

  4. Nah....The wimp thinks he's DA BOMB cuz he knows how to spell 'pillory'. Must come from some prep school where he can earn 'letters' for being a snot nosed geek. Talking about yourself again, darling? lol.

  • What was really funny was what T did after our pals discovered their FB accounts deleted. What a hoot. She sent FB corporate quite the message. Can't post it here it gives up her addy and full title. We want to see what you wrote to FB. Please give us more! lol.

    You're all comedians today. Not just that but I found a phony profile on his blog. Doing what he accuses us of. For real. Fool thought getting one blog taken down would end us. Just makes us stronger. Yes, you are quite a comedian, luv. "One blog?" Hahahahahahahaha!

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